5 Weight Loss Businesses That Will Change Your Figure … and Maybe Your Cash Flow

Weight loss products that really work make you a walking advertisement.  And that can turn into a huge business opportunity. You look great. You feel great. People see you look and feel great. OK, some are a little jealous but everyone has a two huge questions. “What are you using?” and “Where can I get some?”!!

This is called being a product of the the product and it’s the cornerstone of a successful home business! That’s why weight loss is such a great business to be in.  There are tons of great products out there that work.  The trick is finding one that works for you and is backed by a rock solid company that cares.

Here are some of our favorites right now:

1.Innov8tive Nutrition


Innov8tive is a company on the rise with incredible leadership. They have a complete line of weight loss products. From Biotics which aids in digestion to Innov8tive Complete, an energy drink that gives you daily vitamins and an energy boost. These are proven, result driven products that get you in the game fast. But they also have great, down-to-earth leadership ready to help you meet your needs off the scale in your business.  It’s a great weight loss product and business opportunity.  Highly recommended.

2. Unicity

Transformation. That’s the keyword at Unicity. They bring amazing weight-loss products and a world-class support system together. Their global reach is awesome to behold. It’s helped so many communities around the world – in over 50 countries! Unicity has a great leadership team that is dedicated to their distributors success. Definitely worth checking out.

3. Pruvit


If you haven’t heard of keytones yet, don’t worry, you will. Keytones are an organic compound that wipes out your brain’s dependency on sugar.  That means goodbye cravings. Pruvit is on the cutting edge of this new technology. They’ve racked up 7 million servings in their first 12 months. Extremely hot weight loss innovation that is just getting started. That means with an extremely hot opportunity.

4. Le-Vel


Le-vel is one of the fastest growing health and wellness companies for a reason. Their products are awesome and they have a really great system for making them work.  It’s an 8 week plan called the Thrive Experience that puts the products to work and makes real changes. And check out their nutrition that you can wear! It’s a great, fun-loving company that has grown to be huge.  And it appeals to everyone from those looking for max weight loss to totally fit gym hounds.

5. Zurvita


Zurvita makes it simple. Their flagship product is Zeal for Life. It’s a meal replacement with powerful nutritional components. They call it “functional food” and it takes the place of many supplements as well. This simplicity has helped a whole lot of people lose a whole lot of pounds. Their leadership is experienced and focused on your success.


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