6 Mistakes New Network Marketers Make

Despite some negativity and myths surrounding network marketing, it is a viable, affordable way to start a business from home. Unfortunately, for reasons I don’t completely understand, people who get involved in network marketing make mistakes they probably wouldn’t make if they were starting a business from scratch. Network marketing is a business like any other business, and as a result, it needs to be managed and marketed as any other business would.
Here are a few common mistakes new network marketers make and how you can avoid them to become a direct sales superstar.

1. Choosing hype over common sense. Admittedly, many network marketers are over-the-top in their presentation of the business. Their enthusiasm is contagious and they make it seem so easy. “Just get six and help them get six and you can be financially free!” How hard can it be to get six people? Unfortunately, it’s harder than you think. Further, money shouldn’t be the driving motivation to choose a business. Especially the idea of easy money. Yes, you want to make money, but your choice of business shouldn’t be based solely on money. I’m convinced the high failure rate in network marketing is due to people who get excited about the potential income and don’t analyze the business or whether they’re a good fit for it.

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