A Late Career Change Pays Off: Melissa Vandivort’s LIMU Success Story

Stuck with Few Prospects

Melissa Vandivort is a mother and grandmother with an incredible work ethic and a love of helping others. For years, she worked as a property manager at a townhome community, but she knew she’d climbed as high as she could in her career without a college degree. Going back to school would’ve cost her time away from her family and that was the most important thing in her life. She didn’t really have any prospects for increasing her salary or moving to a better position.

“I was pretty much living the same life as everyone else; trying to survive, paying bills after getting paid. I was living inside that cycle,” she recalls.

“This could go beyond just making money. It could really change people like me.”

The cost of being stuck went beyond just money. It meant she and her family couldn’t go on vacation. It meant no reasonable hope of retirement. It also took a toll on her personally. Melissa was way too busy with her grind to think about looking for something different or new. Still, the limitations she was living with were negatively impacting her happiness and the quality of her free time.

“When I got home from work, I wanted to hide,” Melissa admits. “I didn’t want to talk to anybody, I didn’t want to do anything, I just wanted to shut everything off.“

Recharged and Reinvigorated

One day, a friend invited her to a LIMU Experience party. After she met the LIMU Promoters and heard their stories, one of the things that really struck her was how motivated and positive they were.

“You could wake up in the morning and get excited about these people,” she says. “There was something there that could go beyond just making money. It could really change people like me.”

She saw the potential to give herself and others like her a new outlook, a new lease on life. It was a way to revive her passion and ability to dream big.

Not having a lot of extra time on her hands, she set a goal of working 5 to 10 hours a week and hit the ground running. Melissa shared LIMU with everyone close to her, especially those in situations similar to her own. She saw the possibility to, if nothing more, get to a place where she could take a vacation and pay down some debts.

Early Wins, Slow and Steady Gains

She made her initial purchase money back within a week and hit the 10K rank a month later. Then she reached the BMW-qualifying 20K rank within 65 days of starting the LIMU journey. That meant enough income to cover both her house mortgage and car payment. The blessing of LIMU made itself known even before getting the BMW. Melissa was able to replace all the tires on her truck the day after Christmas, having just gotten through the season without needing to charge any presents on her credit card. A first.

“It was absolutely huge for me. That was when it became real,” she tells us. “It really felt like my business. Then I felt driven to help other people have their own business. That was awesome.“

Melissa’s LIMU success story busts one big misconception about Network Marketing: that you have to be a bubbly, natural salesperson with a big personality. While she doesn’t shy away from public speaking, she also doesn’t like being the center of attention. She’d rather be in the background, supporting and boosting others, showing them what they can do with a little support.

“We have something that nobody else has”

Melissa’s next big milestone, the 50K rank, came a few years into her LIMU journey after a lot of trial and error. She never gave up because along the way she was learning from the other energizing and motivated people in the LIMU family, who also share her passion for helping others.

The Difference that Makes a Difference

The welcoming, supportive LIMU culture is just one more thing separating LIMU from other Network Marketing companies, especially those that might give the whole industry a bad name.

“I feel like people really get lost in comparisons,” Melissa explains. “Not all Network Marketing businesses are the same. I think people should know that it’s not just about the incredible products. We have something that nobody else has: a culture that is so perfectly aligned. We don’t care where you’re from; if you have a passion and really want to change your world, we want to help you do that.”

“My full-time job is now replaced with something that I do part-time”

Today, over three years after becoming part of the LIMU Experience, Melissa is fully living the LIMU lifestyle and loving it. She has the time freedom to devote her energy to her family, and the financial freedom to take vacations that fulfill lifelong dreams like visiting New York City, which she recently did. She’s no longer worrying about money but instead making her living on her own terms.

“My full-time job is now replaced with something that I do part-time,” she says. “That’s incredible because that means that I am truly buying my time back.”

You can get in touch with Melissa at her LIMU website.