A Survivor Thrives: Shauna Niedan’s LIMU Journey

Faithful Fighter Against the Ropes

“I’m a natural-born motivated person and failure has never been an option for me. I always find another way,” Shauna Niedan says. She’s a driven business woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, but life has dealt her some difficult blows.

Less than a year ago, Shauna was in an almost impossible situation and praying for a way out. The mother of two had been struggling with her kids’ chronic illnesses since they were born. She’d been able to stay above water with income from the prom and wedding dress boutique she’d started with her family nearly two decades ago, a business she still runs, but life and expenses always intervened to keep her just barely making it. Then, last year, just as her oldest son was getting ready to graduate high school, a long-term relationship breakup financially devastated her.


Shauna didn’t know how she was going to keep up with her kids’ medical costs, as well as everything else she had to contend with. A second traditional job wasn’t doable because her kids’ illnesses sometimes required a lot of her time and hands-on presence. She’d been approached by a number of people who wanted to bring her in on various businesses, but she was always skeptical. She’d heard it all and didn’t have time for any of it.

Skepticism and a Revelation

She felt the same about LIMU the first time she heard about it, thinking it was just one more thing that wouldn’t pan out and wasn’t worth the time and effort. Then, a church friend asked how she was doing. Shauna told her she was praying every day because she felt like she was drowning. Her friend asked if she was looking out for the “boat” that God was sending to answer her prayers, to save her from the flood of money concerns and other troubles in her life. That’s when LIMU’s potential  clicked for her.

“What if this is my boat? I think this is my boat,” she remembers thinking.

She researched LIMU and liked what she read. When she saw the studies on fucoidan and its benefits on PubMed, she felt comfortable and safe trusting the products. The business model itself was a new concept for her, as she was used to the traditional-style business she’d been running, where customers came in and made purchases. But she thought maybe that difference was what she needed to really have a shot at a better financial future for her and her kids.



“As a business person, finding such an easy and simple process with a plan provided me with the vision of a different future with my kids,” she explains.

She and her oldest son purchased the fast track pack and began sharing their story, bringing others into the LIMU Experience. Shauna hit BMW-qualifying 20K rank within just 45 days and her son reached it in 60 days, just as he prepared to graduate from high school.



“We didn’t need to sell anything, because the LIMU business model was very simple,” she says. “Having that early success wasn’t just about the black shiny BMW, but more about the fact that we had been facing difficult times and now had something that provided us with real hope. The fact that I could have a car that was paid for by LIMU, that was a pretty big win and proof that this was real.”

Dreaming and Doing

Not only did having monthly car payments covered but her house payment as well, take a load off their shoulders, but being a part of LIMU helped Shauna and her son start to realize their full potential. Her son, as she explains it, had always been defined by his illness. He was introverted, had suffered a lot of cruelty from others, and didn’t have much drive for the future. But being able to share LIMU with others and see the positive impact he was having helped give him hope and direction.

“My real win with LIMU was for my son,” she tells us, emotionally. “To be able to see him on graduation night, where he got his BMW, and to see all of the successful work he’s done … to see your kid completely changed into a person with goals, from depressed and having nothing, it’s … just wow!”

For the first time in a long time, Shauna tells us, she’s able to see the tangible possibility of doing more than just surviving. She is ready to thrive. That’s all thanks to LIMU, and to finding a supportive community that’s focused on helping her and everyone else succeed. She now has the 100K rank in her short term sites so she can leave a legacy for her family. But she has no plans to stop there. Shauna loves being able to do more for her family’s future, especially because it’s on her own terms and involves helping others along the way“.

It’s crazy to think that with LIMU I am now able to dream again,” she says. “And my dream isn’t selfish or materialistic; it’s to help someone else who’s in my position, other business owners, or someone who’s struggling. LIMU lets me give them a blessing, so they too can start dreaming again. The Lord is moving us, so I tell people to get out of their own way. If they are struggling and praying, their boat is out there … and LIMU could be it.”

You can get in touch with Shauna at her LIMU website.