Deverne Augustus created a good side business and is making money with Monat.

This Hairdresser Transformed His Stagnant Salon After Finding a Great Business Opportunity From Monat

With nearly two decades in the hair business, DeVerne Augustus noticed some changes in his industry. Salon products—the premium styling products, shampoos, and conditioners that had always provided the opportunity for extra money—just weren’t selling like before.

“People don’t purchase from their stylist like they used to,” DeVerne told us while on vacation in Palm Springs, California. “Even in the 17 years I’ve been in the industry, my retailing side business was down to about 10% of what it once was.”

DeVerne was ready for a change. He had been standing on his feet day after grueling day. He had a client base that was more than fickle. And nagging health issues had forced him to close 2 of his 3 salons.  But he wasn’t sure just what the change should be.

“I knew that I needed a good business opportunity. I’d had success as an entrepreneur for my entire life. Even as a kid.”

DeVerne had success finding the right opportunity growing up in the Midwest.  Even when it was digging up worms and catching frogs to make money selling resort-goers fishing bait. With his persistence, determination, and great leadership abilities, he just needed that opportunity to come along.

Finding a Product That Works  …

Deverne Augustus is enjoying his business more than ever after having success with the Monat business opportunity.
Times are good for Deverne with his Monat business.

Today based in Spokane, Washington, DeVerne has revolutionized his life. He simply found a great product that works, one that he believed in and does the work for him. It all started when one of his customers came to him with something she was excited about.

“When my hair client reached out to me, I didn’t really want to hear it, she finally just said ‘Hey, can you please just evaluate this product for me?’”

She had come to him with some hair products from Monat that she personally loved, and wanted his professional opinion on. As a hairdresser and stylist, DeVerne had always rebuffed attempts to get involved with selling other kinds of products.

“In the past I’ve had many, many clients present me with an opportunity to make money with vitamins, weight loss products, fitness supplements, you name it, and I didn’t want to sell those things. I thought ‘Hey, I’m a hair guy. If you bring me something that’s hair related, we can talk.’”

DeVerne met his perfect match with Monat.

Monat Business Provides an Opportunity for a New Start

Deverne Augustus learned it is possible to make money with Monat.
Deverne Augustus, successful salon owner and Monat representative

Now, speaking to us from Palm Springs, California, where he is shopping for a second home, DeVerne is still astonished by the great opportunity from Monat that has changed his life.

Within two months of joining up with Monat, the direct sales company based in Doral, Florida, DeVerne completely turned around the retail side of his operation, increasing revenues by 1100%. Within just five months, the money he made from his Monat business eclipsed his income from hair clients. His success has had a profound and lasting effect on his day-to-day life. In fact, today as we spoke, he was shopping for a new condo.

“I work way less. I joke with everybody in the salon when I roll in at 11 AM, and I roll out at 2:30 or 3. I’m off to my life of leisure.”

So what advice can DeVerne offer to others who are looking to do the same? For him, it really comes down to finding the right business opportunity.

“What I knew I wanted and was to be able to focus on my efforts. I needed to be able to scale. I needed to have leverage, and not be dependent simply on the time I put in.”

Perfect Side Business …. Perfect Success Story

Monat was able to provide that for him, but DeVerne says that no matter what product category you are looking to get into, success comes by doing research. Pick a product that you can convincingly sell and are naturally interested in. You’re going to be talking about it, a lot.

You should start by asking some key questions about the industry you’re getting into. DeVerne suggests beginning by looking at the competition. “Are there several, or an overabundance of companies with the same type of opportunity? Is there potential to grow and make good money for that niche?” Monat is the only direct-selling opportunity focused exclusively in the hair care space.  This gave DeVerne had a leg up creating a great business with them instead of squeezing into a crowded market.

Because hair is his natural domain, he was able to authoritatively recommend products to his customers. But Augustus says although Monat is a good side business for hairdressers, you don’t have to be one to have great business success with Monat. “You just need to have the enthusiasm for their great products and success will come.” Deverne says.

“That is the perfect storm for explosive growth. Monat has grown 500% since October of 2016—pretty phenomenal growth. Who would have though a tube of shampoo would lead to this kind of success?”

To hear more from DeVerne and find out about his business opportunity, you can find him on Facebook, YouTube, and his website,

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