David Brend is an inspirational network marketing success story

From Big Business to Success in Network Marketing, David Brend Discovers What It Takes to Fully Enjoy Life!

David Brend knows a lot about being a successful businessman.  He began his business life working for his father’s company Industrial Testing Services at the age of thirteen. At age nineteen, he started as a full-time college student and attained six college degrees including two masters degrees. His first masters degree was in business and the second was in criminal justice. He later went on to start several successful business enterprises with offices scattered all across the United States.    

It was what any aspiring entrepreneur calls a dream come true. He was the CEO of his own company, had a growing organization and all the benefits that come with it. But David didn’t like the time away from his family. “I made a lot of success but didn’t get the time to enjoy it. I came to the realization that people are either broke and have all the time in the world, or have lots of money and no time to enjoy it.” David told us from his home in Florida.

David stated that he made enough money before starting his companies but his wife at that time pushed him to do more.  It took a huge toll on his family. “I would come home and my four year old son would already be in bed asleep. And I didn’t get to see him that much from the time I woke up to the time I got home.”

David tried to keep his wife happy with material things but eventually she filed for divorce in 2007. Although he tried to work it out, the divorce was finalized in 2009. David did however end up the resident parent and this allowed him to spend more time with his son. “This made me so happy” says David, “I finally had the time with my son I always wanted.” For the next two years, David would go to his son’s school and have lunch almost every day with him. Eventually he became the PTA President for his son’s elementary school. David had finally reached a turning point in his life.  

“I was looking for that happy balance where I could have success and have time with my son Samson Brend. My driving force came from my son. Jehovah God is my rock, and my son was going to get to know Him. I aspired to be the father who was always there for his son. To become a super dad.”

The Network Marketing Journey Begins

David Brend is a network marketing success.
David Brend’s success in network marketing gives him time to be a great dad.

Fortunately, David was introduced to network marketing. If what he was hearing was true, it was everything he had been looking for.

“I am like a business consultant, I help people become entrepreneurs.” David Brend

“I would get the opportunity to be a business owner and wouldn’t have to worry about worker’s compensation, employee payroll and all the other things I needed to run a business,” says David. “Are you kidding me? It was a no-brainer for me.” he adds.

He quickly understood it was easy to achieve short term success in network marketing. But finding the right company and product for the long term was a different story.

“Some companies I initially tried didn’t come through on what they were promising. I began to realize that finding one that actually worked, the real deal out there, was going to be hard.”

But with his success oriented mindset and unshaken belief in the network marketing model, David forged on looking for something better.

Finding Success in Network Marketing

David Brend is a successful network marketing guru.
David Brend spreads the word about his success in network marketing.

David began to examine his core beliefs. “It was all about helping other people. My previous businesses had helped many people and that’s why network marketing was an easy fit. All you do is help other people become entrepreneurs and achieve more than they can possibly imagine. This bring you success in network marketing. I realized I got fulfillment from helping people get more out of life.”

“The relationships are by far the biggest reason why network marketing is beautiful.” David Brend

This shift in priorities made it pretty easy for him to uncover the factors that make a great business: product and culture – not just compensation.

“If I love the product and the people as well, then I’m actually going to achieve my business goals organically because I have passion,” says David.

David Brend speaks about his success in network marketing.
David and some of his family onstage at a network marketing event.

This is what led him to join his current company where he finally found a home.

“I love the products we have, which are number one in the world as far as I’m concerned. I love the people I work with. The relationships are by far the biggest reason why network marketing is beautiful. It’s a great thing.”

And after four and a half years, his instincts were proven right. He has climbed to the top ranks of the company with his “Fire Team”. That’s the name David calls his business partners. David has a global network of business partners from India, Japan, Germany, Brazil, and just about every major country. “No one was placed in my team. Everyone that came in was from people that I placed in my group. We are a family and that’s what makes us strong!”

“I am like a business consultant, I help people become entrepreneurs. In the process, you build your name and reputation. You set up the foundation of who you want to become in the future. You grow both internally and externally. Just by making decisions. So why not make a decision that alters your life for the better?”

Free at Last!

David Brend found success in network marketing
David Brend found hope and serenity after years of struggle.

David is now happily remarried to his new wife Laryssa Brend and the two have been blessed with a lovely baby girl named Mercedes Brend. “My son now has a sister!  He has a whole new life. My little baby girl enforced my decision to stick with network marketing –  so that I can be there with my wife and children. I am able to do all those things. It’s awesome!”

“I felt like I had a whole fresh start on building a good spiritual family,” David says. “It’s like a chance to do it all over again.”

“You start to believe in yourself more, you dream bigger and everything in life becomes open and clear.” David Brend on Network Marketing

David has proven to be a great role model for his son and urges him to serve Jehovah first and go for exactly what he wants in life. He also emphasizes to him the importance of working on something that will give him both success and time freedom.

“We read the Bible together every day. We get time to talk, which is the most important thing since most people don’t have time to talk to their kids. So that’s a big reward for me. I get time to talk with my son and daughter.”

David’s success in network marketing has not only improved his quality of life and given him free time, but also changed how he sees the world. “You start to believe in yourself more, you dream bigger and everything in life becomes open and clear. It affects everything, the way you love, the way you spend time with your kids, everything. That’s all affected.”

“I’m pretty much home all the time with my family. And that’s because of network marketing and never giving up, never giving up on the opportunity to be in control of my life and live it as I see fit. I’m enjoying every bit of it.”

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