Craig Tomanini’s Physical and Financial Health Triumph: A LIMU Success Story

Stressed, Suffering and Skeptical

Before LIMU came into Craig Tomanini’s life, he was not only working close to 100 hours a week at a major software testing company, but also traveling 75% of that time. And his family’s financial situation was not benefiting at all — they were deep in debt, 3 months behind on mortgage payments, and had almost lost their home.

Craig Tomanini LIMU
Years of Travel and Working Long Hours Put Craig Tomanini Close to Total Burnout

The stress of being on the road so much was taking a major toll on Craig’s health. He was not eating or sleeping well. He was overweight and had dangerously high blood pressure. And to top it all off, he and his wife were expecting their fifth child. Craig knew he needed to make a change or risk a potential stroke and other health complications. It was time for a major change.

Then a family friend introduced him to LIMU. Craig knew that LIMU was a Network Marketing company, and he had participated in a few other ones in the past, so he was skeptical. But he was excited to try the products and gave LIMU a chance. When he showed up at his first Experience party, he instantly felt a difference.

“After just three months in, I had already lost around 30 pounds.” 

“It wasn’t in a big meeting hall with a bunch of people dressed in suits and ties; it was just in an office with a dozen people in my town,” he remembers. That eased his skepticism. “I guess I was more open-minded, but still just wanted to get the product. All the information I heard made sense to me.“

Fast Results and New Opportunities

Craig Tomanini’s First Success With LIMU Was Losing Weight With the Product

He began drinking the LIMU energy drinks to get the fuel he needed to work out and was feeling the effects within days. The extra weight soon started to come off, and people around him noticed. That’s when he started sharing his experience and enthusiasm for LIMU with friends and family.

“After just three months in, I had already lost around 30 pounds, so it felt significant,” he says. Slowly but surely, his team and his reach grew. “People started to buy products and to join the team.”

Craig kept at it, putting in 6-7 hours a week for close to a year. One of the biggest benefits and appeals of being a LIMU Promoter was that he could do it on his own terms, fitting LIMU into his life wherever he could find or make the space.  

I was in control of how many hours, days and times I would work.” 

“The difference is that even though this was starting another business, I was in control of how many hours, days and times I would work,” he says. “With the technology that we have at LIMU, I could even work on LIMU at 1:00 a.m., sending a text to someone that they’d be able to see later that morning.”

A Solid Side Income and Much More

The extra income proved steady and stable. Craig hit the 2K VIP rank, then his 10K rank, but things really started to fall into place around the 10th month of his LIMU journey, when he hit the 20K milestone and qualified for a BMW paid for by LIMU. At that time, he was driving a 15-year old car that was barely making it through his heavy travel schedule.

Limu Has Brought Craig Many Things but None Greater Than the Peace of Mind and Close Personal Connections He Has Made.

“We realized then that things were going to change. We were going on vacation for the first time,” he recalls. “That was the first time for me that LIMU became my focus and 100% intentional.”

Today, Craig has continued to lose weight using the LIMU LEAN products – a total of 118 pounds so far – and he’s still doing LIMU part-time. The extra income has afforded the Tomaninis the ability to make a major dent in their debts and it’s made it possible for Craig to move into a new full-time role at a different software testing company.

“LIMU allowed me to take the job that I have now, for a little less money and a whole lot less travel, and a whole lot of fewer hours to work. I’ve been able to establish some very real freedom through LIMU and physically I feel better than ever,” Craig tells us.

“The people I’ve met through LIMU are my family.” 

In addition to the financial rewards, Craig gets fulfillment from sharing LIMU with people he cares about. He can help them improve their lives as he did. He also finds the LIMU community as a whole extremely supportive, genuine and great to be a part of.

“The people I’ve met through LIMU have become much more than my friends. They’re my family,” he says. “We take care of each other, and that feeling goes all the way to the top.”

You can get in touch with Craig at his LIMU website.