A Driving Desire and the Right Opportunity Gave This Trucker a New Lease on Life

“The hard part was getting rest. I was always tired,” says Michael Smith, describing his life as a truck driver before Network Marketing entered the picture.  

Michael was forced to leave the house just after midnight to make the grueling drive across the state of Texas to Arkansas and back. Of course, his family’s life was in full swing when he returned exhausted over 12 hours later. His wife was working, and his son was usually in an extracurricular school activity like football.  That meant a choice: sacrifice a good night’s rest to spend time with the family or get the rest and miss out on them. It was a choice no father wants to make.

Michael remembers thinking this was something he could definitely do.

He had dreams of starting his own trucking company and getting better hours, but it was difficult figuring out exactly how. “I remember thinking that was my life. That was all there was,” Michael said.

“Do you want to do more, or not?”

One day, he decided enough was enough. Fed up with the grind, he looked in the mirror. “I had a conversation with that person in the mirror. I didn’t like who I saw,” Michael says. He asked himself, “Do you want to do more? Or do you not?” He made the decision then and there to change.

Michael Smith’s wife encouraged him to try LIMU as a business.

Still, with a new commitment, he didn’t think much about Network Marketing when the opportunity presented itself. He had tried it before but with no luck. “The most money I had ever made before in a company was $81 and that was in about six months!” says Michael. He didn’t think it was his forte, so he decided to stick with truck driving.

Even so, his wife had been using the LIMU products and really enjoyed them. She thought it could be a great business for Michael. When she invited him to an Experience Party, he decided to go but just to please her.

 “I started seeing results from the product right away. I started believing it and wanted to tell the world about it.”

But immediately he saw that the LIMU Experience was different. It wasn’t a hard sell. It was a group of laid-back people having fun and sharing. “A guy was just telling his story,” Michael said. A light bulb went off in his head. Michael remembers thinking he was wrong. This was something he could definitely do.

Product Success Creates Unstoppable Enthusiasm

Michael’s experience with LIMU was different that his previous Network Marketing experiences right off the bat.  It was the product that made the difference. “I started seeing results from the product right away. I started believing it and wanted to tell the world about it,” Michael told us. This made building the business much easier because he was sharing something real that had genuinely helped him.

Michael Smith’s success with the LIMU products is the driving force behind his business prosperity.

Soon, Michael turned his long truck drives into a phone bank by calling everyone he knew and telling them about LIMU. He invited them to the Experience parties he was having every Wednesday night. Some people didn’t return his calls, but he was persistent.  

“One guy blew me off for a good while, like three months. I finally called him up and offered to pick him up and take him to the party,” Michael says. When Michael did show up, his friend was surprised.  Michael says, “We got in the car and he told me he didn’t think I was serious.” That night his friend ended up signing up as a LIMU Promoter.

“You’re going to talk about it if you’re having a positive experience. You’re going to almost have to share it.”

Michael wasn’t sure when success would come but his belief in the product kept him going. Then things started happening really quickly. He hit LIMU’s 20K rank and 50K not long after that. “I just did the same thing over and over, just like I was taught. Inviting people over and showing them what I saw … something simple that works.” says Michael.

Mission Accomplished

Not long after, Michael saw his persistence and enthusiasm bring in rewards in other ways. Like the friend who he picked up that night called him one night after making the 20K rank.  He had just gotten a brand-new BMW. “I remember it was about 10 o’clock at night. He told me about the BMW and was just so thankful and grateful,” said Michael.  “That was a real highlight for me. I felt like mission accomplished!”

LIMU helped Michael Smith get out of a rut and discover what he is truly capable of.

Above all, Michael has seen his situation change.  He doesn’t have to drive trucks for a living anymore. The days of exhaustion are long gone. He’ll still drive trucks sometimes, not because he has to, but because he likes it. He has more time with his family. He has even influenced his son, who now speaks of what kind of business he wants to own when he gets out of school. Not what kind of job.

“The cool thing is his mentality shifted from being an employee to being a business owner. And that’s from the decision I took with LIMU three years ago,” says Michael. Not only that, Michael will never forget the day his son told him how proud he was of his dad’s success. “It almost melted my heart. He said he was proud of what I had done,” Michael recalled.

Success in this industry starts with products that work and help people. They make you passionate and Michael is living proof.  He puts it this way, “You’re going to talk about it if you’re having a positive experience. You’re going to almost have to share it. That’s what we do organically with LIMU. Your enthusiasm transfers to the next person and the ball keeps rolling!”

You can get in touch with Michael at his LIMU website.

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