Rejuvabeads is a great new hair care product from Monat that helps repair split ends.

Eureka! The Scientific Breakthrough Behind Monat’s Massive New Product: Rejuvabeads

A Chance Discovery

Jamie Ross couldn’t believe what he was seeing. As Sr. VP of Research and Development for home based powerhouse Monat, he has always been obsessed with high quality hair products.  That’s why his R&D team works overtime looking for ways to improve their product lines and find the next big hair repair discovery.

So imagine his delight when one day, a few months ago, Tycho Speaker, the President of Capsulent Testing Labs, reported something he had never seen before. A hair repair product that will repair split ends 100%  instantly after application.

“The lab called it the “one minute miracle” because they saw it begin to repair split ends immediately after application” said Jamie.  Tycho adds “It’s totally different from anything we’ve ever tested. 100% efficacy. That is remarkable.”

The End of Split Ends: Rejuvabeads

The overwhelmingly positive tests and feedback made it a top priority for Monat.  They named the product Rejuvabeads.  It’s just gone through a record breaking soft launch and has now they’ve released it all the men and women out there hungry for a hair repair product that gives them beautiful, smoother, stronger hair.

Monat’s Rejuvabeads works because of a newly discovered technology and the proven results of the company’s flagship hair repair product Rejuvenique Oil.  The billions of micro-encapsulated beads, which are less than one micron across, search out, target and repair split ends 100% of the time. They also repair micro-damage all along the hair shaft.

Split end repair is made easy with a new hair care product from Monat, Rejuvabeads
Tycho Speaker Speaks About Split End Repair and Rejuvabeads

Tycho compares healthy hair a newly waxed car. “If hair is healthy, the water just rolls off of it. It repels water.” But when hair is damaged, it has a negative charge. “The micro-capsule walls have both charges, negative and positive. So the negatively charged sites on the capsule walls are attracted to the damaged, negatively charged sites on the hair.”  Adds Jamie “Rejuvabeads works directly on the damaged sites in the split ends. They kind of “click” into place. Think of it like magnets how magnets kind of click together. Testing from Monat has shown we get 100% split end repair with Rejuvabeads. I don’t think there’s ever been anything that successful.”

Well-behaved Hair, Disruptive Technology

Monat has released Rejuvabeads - a new product that helps split end repair.
Rejuvabeads works because of new breakthrough: micro-encapsulated beads which repair split ends.

Rejuvabeads is applied to towel dried hair. You wait a minute and then you are on your way. Monat Rejuvabeads can be brushed, flat ironed and product can be added no problem. Ross “People have asked the question, ‘will the split end come open again?’. We’ve done testing in the laboratory and after 36 hours of exposure to a surfactant solution the split ends do not re-open. So it’s tantamount to being permanent.”

Monat has been on a huge roll since their launch in 2014.  This is one of those home based business star alignments. A one of a kind product that people love, is easy to spread the word about and works 100% of the time.  Sounds like the makings of a great business.  We will be watching Monat here at HBB!


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