Interview with a Networking Legend: James Lee on Revolutionary MaVie/ÜFORIA Merger

James Lee is a LEGEND in the world of Network Marketing. He served as a Naval Officer in the Republic of Singapore Navy for 12 years before breaking out into the entrepreneurial world. He is a strong believer in innovative and creative methods of wealth creation and value adding to society through incubating ideas, assembling resources and making things happen. We caught up with to ask about the new MaVie/ÜFORIA merger.

HBB: What does this MERGER mean to you?

LEE: To me it’s all about speed to market and it’s ready for the world! Both companies launched about the same time in 2018, one focused in North America while the other started in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania. In terms of the approach to bring DNA to the market, both are complimentary and similar in many ways. This will be a powerful merger as two DNA industry heavyweights in the direct selling industry come together as one company instead of competing against each other. Therefore, this new entity and its field leadership can place 100% focus on stabilising market outreach rather than fighting for market share.


HBB: What are the strengths of MAVIE, what are the strengths of ÜFORIA? How will they work together?

MaVie/ÜFORIA Has Merged to Form One You

LEE: MaVie is a pioneering consumer genomics company that has created a unique artificial  intelligence with proprietary technology that offers dynamic-DNA skincare, nutrition, fitness, personality and inborn talent reports, in addition to personalised DNA meal plans, fitness routines and skincare products. ÜFORIA is the leading supplier of DNA personalised nutrition and supplements and has the ability to produce nearly 400 million unique formulas built from exclusive and proprietary software and technology. Both companies will form a new entity, One You and bring to the world an unparalleled product offering along with an exciting new business opportunity to those who want to participate in this “business of personalisation.”


HBB: You know both owners, what impresses you about them?

LEE: Abboud Barakat is an astute businessman and has been very involved with the development of the A.I. technology as well as the science behind DNA with the team of global experts in the field. He is a perfectionist and always maintain high quality of work in all aspects. Ron Williams has many decades of experience building businesses and teams in the direct selling industry. His love for people and understanding what it takes to build a successful network marketing company will give us a huge advantage in growing One You to become a top direct selling company in the world. We also have Eric Worre, the “#1 Network Marketing Coach In The World” on our team. That is a big deal and is going to explode our business.


HBB: How BIG is the DNA marketplace?

LEE: This is a huge and growing market where personalisation and customisation is the future of business for the consumer market. With both the wellness and lifestyle offerings combined give us at least over 11 trillion dollar marketplace.

HBB: Why is NOW the perfect time to get involved?

LEE: Both companies are backed by nearly 50 years of combined experience in the genetics spaces with their scientific team, and been also operating their businesses successfully for nearly 2 years. Now, because of this merger, it also means that we have a solid ground floor opportunity, with literally no competition in this industry! So we can all be pioneers in the world and be ready to “Swab the World”!

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