Juice Plus: 46 Years of Success!

In 1970, school teacher and entrepreneur Jay Martin had a dream:  to improve healthy living around the globe. Well, it can be said that his dream has ore than come true.  His company, Juice Plus has been offering whole food-based nutrition for more than four decades now. Juice Plus offers solutions for nutritional gaps which appear between what people should eat and what they do eat.  The company saw at the begining a balanced nutritional diet is challenging.

Juice Plus provides reliable nutrition suggestions in the form of juice powder concentrates. The powders includes concentrates from thirty different fruits, vegetables and grains.  The product is made from quality ingredients carefully monitored for quality and effectiveness. Children and adults have benefited from the nutritional package provided by the product to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

More than thirty research studies have been conducted in leading hospitals and universities around the world. The studies have been led by organizations ranging from the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam to Brigham Young University in Utah.  Other studies have been completed and published in Italy, Germany, London and Japan. The University of Arizona and the Medical University of Vienna, as well as institutions of higher learning in Austria, California, Florida and Maryland. Yale and Vanderbilt University have provided studies which support the importance of excellent nutritional habits.

The core beliefs of the company promote longevity, authenticity and quality in their products. The importance of a community of like-minded friends includes giving back through the Juice Plus+ Foundation. The company strives to maintain simplicity in the operation of its business and to remain approachable.

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