Massive Potential Alert: Shark Tank Star Unveils New Affiliate Marketing Opportunity  

If you are looking for a ground floor opportunity with big name potential, Mindset 24 Global could be it. They are positioned to be one of the biggest launches of 2017.

Shark Tank Star Kevin Harrington

World renowned entrepreneur and Shark Tank star Kevin Harrington has signed on as a Mindset 24 Global marketing partner.  Harrington knows about success.  He is the creator of the infomercial.  5 billion dollars worth of products have been sold through his commercial empire. The guy oozes accomplishment.

That’s why it’s big news that he has joined forces with Mindset 24 Global. It’s a revolutionary content program that changes the quality of people’s lives by changing their mindset.

Mindset 24 has capitalized on the multi-million dollar trend of self improvement and success.  Their content program is a collection of videos, interviews, e-books and stories that impacts people’s beliefs about what the can accomplish. It’s basically like being life-coached by a real life Shark.

Great Timing Play

Mindset 24 Global is just out of prelaunch mode which makes it great timing. The company has focused on a digital strategy for which gives it a huge advantage. The content is digital. They payment is digital through Bitcoin. This makes it simple to do business internationally. It also takes away a lot of the hassle you find with physical product oriented businesses.

Says CEO Brian McLane, “I am proud to offer a product, with an opportunity, that touches people all over the world that refuse to settle for mediocrity. We are not just building a company, we are creating a movement.”

Just being around a group like this can help make you change the way you look at yourself and success.

To find out more about Mindset Global 24, check out their website here.