MONAT Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Online Anti-MONAT Group Principal

MONAT Global Corp, a world-class designer, manufacturer, and distributor of hair care products has filed a lawsuit against Vickie Harrington, the principal behind an online, self-proclaimed anti-MONAT group.

MONAT alleges that Harrington made and repeated explicitly false statements about the ingredients and safety of MONAT’s products. The suit also maintains that Harrington made these false statements in order to mislead and deceive consumers.

The company is seeking permanent injunctive relief against Harrington, as well as punitive damages in excess of $225,000 for her intentional and maliciously false statements.

This is the second defamation lawsuit MONAT has filed in the past year. Last month, a federal judge ruled in the company’s favor in allowing MONAT to proceed with a similar lawsuit against a beauty salon owner.

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