Nerium Introduces Cutting-edge Eyepatch for “Instant Face Lift” VIDEO

Nerium International has continued their streak of releasing scientifically-based, cutting-edge products based on research and science. This time, it’s the EYE-V™ MOISTURE BOOST Hydrogel Patches ($55). The patches are made with Aloe Leaf Juice Water, mushroom-derived Hyaluronic Acid and Hydromoist, with the patented SIG-1191™ molecule and exclusive I-FIL4R™ antioxidant. Nerium says the the patches “work to instantly deliver replenishing hydration to the eye area while visibly combatting the appearance of fine lines and puffiness.”

Here’s a video that shows the patches and how they work:

Celebrity makeup artist Vincent Longo said, after using the patches his client list of beauty editors and models “They stay refreshingly cool, so they work brilliantly to calm puffiness and can be moved around the eye area easily, from lower to upper, without losing their adhesion or effectiveness. And the best part is they can be worn both under and over makeup with excellent results.”

Nerium recommends the patches be used once a week and to refrigerate the patches a few minutes before using. Nerium is a huge global home-based business opportunity founded in 2011 whose products have gotten huge response and lead to a number of success stories in Direct Selling. You can learn more about them here. If you are a Knieriem distributor and would like to tell your story contact us here.