Power Couple Craig and Anne Smith on the Revolutionary Social Business called Alovéa

Craig and Anne Smith


The Smiths are no strangers to Network Marketing.

With decades of experience in the industry, they are acutely aware of the impact of our industry as well as some of the pitfalls.

With literally dozens of companies starting up every year, we met with them to discuss why they chose the new company called Alovéa.


HBB: What attracted you to Alovéa?

SMITHS: Anne and I have always been attracted to the concept of “Social Business.” The ability to help others is at our core and always will be. When we learned about Alovéa
and saw its unique structure and mission to impact the nutrition of children all around the world, we knew that this was a company we could get behind. We saw that Alovéa was truly different. That it wasn’t so much about the bottom line, but rather about how they put purpose above profit. That really spoke to us.

HBB: What is so UNIQUE about this company?

SMITHS: Everything about this company is unique, even the actual fiscal structure of the company as a Public Benefits Corporation. It’s literally legally structured to give back. “Typical” companies in the industry are all about glitz and glamour, giant home offices, how many Lamborghinis are in the parking lot. Everything about this company was engineered and designed to give back. Combine that with the most innovative, unique, and proprietary nutritional technology infused in all of our products and it is probably the most unique and compelling company we have ever seen, and we have seen a lot.

 “When you combine that PASSION and that PROFICIENCY you get what we think will be not only one of the largest but one of the most influential companies in the world.”

HBB: You have worked with CEO Sam Caster in the past, tell us why you’ve joined forces with him again.

SMITHS: Yes, we’ve known Sam Caster and his wife Linda for a long time. We saw him walk away from something huge that he had built, not for money or fame, but to eradicate malnutrition for children in need around the world. That is more than a mission statement, that is a MISSION. He realized that to do it right, everything had to change, including the literal financial structure of the company. That is commitment. We also know that he has the experience to be able to take this company global, he’s already done it. So, when you combine that PASSION and that PROFICIENCY you get what we think will be not only one of the largest but one of the most influential companies in the world.

HBB: How does the “Buy 1 Nourish 2” concept make you feel?

SMITHS: It is the coolest feeling in the world! To know that every time I enjoy one of our amazing Hope Pops, that not only am I getting the most incredible nutrition in a great-tasting lollipop, but a matching serving is going to a child in need. Or every time we eat one of our Dark Chocolate or Blueberry Pomegranate Lifebars that a child in an orphanage is getting real nutrition, maybe for the first time, that is special.

HBB: What about the “opportunity” side of the business? Is this still a place where you can make money?

SMITHS: ABSOLUTELY. You really can make as much money as you want. And best of all, feel GOOD about it. Basically, we feel like we get paid… to give back. And because Alovéa is different, because it FEELS so different, we expect people who have never been in the industry to be attracted to us. All of those people who were wary of the industry, now have a place where they can help people and help themselves at the same time. There is a sense of pride here…we are doing good works and getting paid to do them. And yes, paid a LOT.

HBB: Tell us about that bracelet you are wearing…

SMITHS: This bracelet represents 100,000 children that Anne and I have helped through this business. This might be the most impressive thing I own. It’s not that expensive, it’s not a Presidential Rolex, but what it REPRESENTS is worth so much more. It means more to me than a new car, or a flashy “Superbowl” ring that people show off in this industry. This represents REAL change…not rank, or earnings, or status. People ask me all the time, “What is that?” And I say “Oh, it’s a bracelet that represents the 100,000 kids I’ve been able to help from my part-time Social Business.” That feels great…and they ALWAYS want to know more.