From Shy and Strapped to Comfortable and Confident: Andrea Rosser’s LIMU Journey

Seven years ago, Andrea Rosser, her family’s breadwinner, lost her job. She lived in a small town with her husband and two children but had few job prospects in the area. Andrea had done long commutes in the past but really didn’t want to try that again. She searched for a year for something nearby but nothing panned out.

The Rossers found themselves in a terrible financial spot. They were two months late on their mortgage, in credit card debt, and unsure how they’d make it through.

“The worst moment was being in the line at the grocery store and not knowing if I had enough cash on me. Knowing that was all I had,” Andrea tells us.

“The worst moment was being in the line at the grocery store and not knowing if I had enough cash on me.”

Just as she was about to lose hope, a gentleman from her community invited her and her husband to a LIMU Experience party. The pair was intrigued because LIMU was new in their area. They saw an opportunity. Still, Andrea had doubts.

Early Reservations and Success

“I was raised thinking that Network Marketing was a very expensive hobby,” she says ”My dad did it back in the early 90’s, and I don’t think he ever made a dime.”

Success with LIMU helped Andrea Rosser bring her family back from the brink.

She had tried Network Marketing too, but it hadn’t done much for her. She’d come away feeling that being an introvert made her a bad fit for that kind of work. Everyone she’d encountered was outgoing and extroverted.

But Andrea met both quiet, reserved folks and very outgoing ones at the LIMU party. All of them had LIMU success behind them and said they could help her. She and her husband decided to scrape together the money and take the plunge.

Her initial goal was to make $150 a week, which would’ve doubled her grocery budget. And she hit the ground running hard.

“I didn’t care. I was going to call anyone,” she remembers. “I didn’t have a skill set, but I had a whole lot of desperation. I was lacking knowledge — so we did a bunch of things wrong — but we grew and got a little bit more training and got more comfortable about it. We kind of figured it out.”

“The best gift that LIMU has given me was breaking me out of my shell.”

Andrea’s first LIMU check gave her back the family’s initial purchase money, plus grocery money for a month. Three months in, her LIMU earnings were covering most bills. Nine months after she started, she was making enough to cover every bill. A year and a half into her LIMU journey, she really saw a career path for herself.

Much More than Money

The benefits of the LIMU lifestyle went way beyond the financial, though. The experience gave her a newfound power and confidence.

Andrea Rosser broke out of her shell with LIMU.

“The best gift that LIMU has given me was helping me break me out of my shell,” she says. Speaking in front of groups at parties became easier. “You feel more comfortable to open your mouth when you know that you have something to offer to someone.”

LIMU also introduced Andrea to a new mindset. She had always operated under what she calls an “employee mindset,” where someone would tell her what to do, and she’d do it. With LIMU, her mindset was more of an entrepreneurial one. She was taking the initiative and going after what she wanted. She was making it happen for herself.

Andrea makes it happen for herself now.

She found new ways to feel successful, as well. Andrea shifted her goals away from achievement-oriented ones (e.g. hit a particular rank by a particular date) to action goals, which relied on what she could control. For example, she got into the LIMU Share App and set a goal of sending 10 messages every day. This was something measurable she could do and feel good about.

The Bigger Picture

Her confidence and new mindset are not the only things Andrea loves about LIMU. She loves the parties, the energy, hearing people’s stories, traveling, and watching folks she’s worked with succeed.  It feels great knowing she had a hand in that. And she’s excited about LIMU’s constant growth and development.

There have been many rewards for the Rosser with LIMU but the best has been more time with their family.

“LIMU is always improving, evolving, and making it simpler for the average person to grow a business,” she explains. She points out the LIMU Share App as an example, which makes getting great videos in front of tons of people easier than ever. Also, she sees the new products LIMU has developed for the weight loss and energy drink markets as great help.  

In the end, it all comes back to her family. She’s happy to be able to give her kids opportunities she could have never dreamed of. She has had the privilege of sharing the last 6 years with them.

“As we get older, we dream smaller,” she says. “But with LIMU we’re in a place where it is possible to dream bigger and bigger every day.”

You can get in touch with Andrea at her LIMU website.