From Sick and Tired to Healthy and Thriving: Jessica Broadway’s LIMU Success Turned Her Life Around

At the End of Her Rope

“How do you do what needs to be done and still follow your passion?”

That’s the question Jessica Broadway grappled with before LIMU came into her life. She was working a full-time job that she loved, but her life wasn’t where she wanted it to be. Jessica longed to be a stay-at-home mom to her kids; that was her true passion. She also struggled with health issues that often left her feeling exhausted after a long day of work, and even sometimes required her to use vacation days just to stay home and rest.

After having her first son, she hoped she’d soon find an opportunity that would let her devote herself fully to him. But then her second child came along, and she was no closer to that goal.

“I was at a very low point of my life,” Jessica admitted.

“I was at a very low point of my life.” 

One day, her mother called to tell her, “I think we’ve found our YES!” Jessica felt hopeful as she learned more about LIMU, and she tried the product to see what all the fuss was about.

Spreading Health & Happiness

LIMU brought Jessica home with her kids!

Not long after trying LIMU for herself, Jessica noticed an improvement in how she felt. That inspired her to share LIMU with others. So she took the plunge and became a Promoter, not at all expecting that it would totally change her life.

“When I first started, I didn’t know the financial possibilities of LIMU at all,” she said. “I didn’t know that you could earn an income. I didn’t know how to build a business and I’d never been exposed to the industry.” Her approach in the beginning was just to “play around with this thing and see where it goes.”

She started working LIMU on her commutes, squeezing in time to talk to friends about it while on the way to pick up her kids from the sitter. She had never sold anything before and hadn’t been looking for a job change.

But just four months later, she quit her job because her LIMU income matched the earnings she got from her full-time traditional work.

“To be in a company where people step up for you like this is powerful. That’s a family, it’s not just a business.”

Financial Independence Without the Tradeoffs

Thanks to LIMU, Jessica finally attained her dream of becoming a stay-at-home mom, while still earning a good income. She got to be there for her kids as they grew up, for their milestones that she thought she might miss, as well as those smaller, tough moments like when they were sick and needed their mom more than anything else.

The best part was that she was doing something she loved, telling people about the company that had changed her life in so many ways. Like the woman who first introduced Jessica’s family to LIMU, she was now “someone sharing what they knew [with] someone who needed it.”

Jessica Broadway says her LIMU success has changed her life in unlimited ways.

When her father passed away a few years ago, Jessica’s LIMU team made it possible for her to be with him until the end, without having to worry about how it would impact her financial stability. Not being tied to a traditional job — where taking time off work might mean lost income — made that possible and further confirmed how fortunate she was to be part of LIMU.

“To be in a company where people step up for you like this is powerful. That’s a family, it’s not just a business,” she said.

Top-Notch Tools Make the Work Easier

Today, Jessica is still thriving in her LIMU-powered life. And she’s really excited about some of the technology and duplicating tools that LIMU develops for its promoters. Tools like the LIMU Share app that lets her share videos with details and facts about LIMU products, track views, connect with prospects, and more.

Those options weren’t around when Jessica first started. In the beginning, she’d share her personal story, then have her sponsors and senior LIMU contacts validate that story. That strategy placed Jessica front-and-center as the message, not the messenger. Now she can easily share all the other benefits of joining the LIMU family by herself — and from the palm of her hand.

“Limu gave me the opportunity to hope again, to dream again.”

Passion and Hope

When Jessica looks back at her LIMU journey and the way it changed her life, she realizes just how far she’s come. She told us that her health issues are a thing of the past, and more importantly, she’s living her passion every single day.

“I was pretty much burned to the ground by my previous existence, but then I was able to transform into the one thing I always wanted to be: a full-time mommy to my beautiful sons,” she confided. “LIMU has definitely given me the opportunity to hope again, to dream again and be who I’ve always dreamed of being.”

You can get in touch with Jessica at her LIMU website or on Facebook here!

The sky is the limit for Jessica Broadway and her family.