Stella & Dot CEO on Modernizing the Home-Based Business Model

The number of people involved in home-based businesses continues to climb year after year. And 77 percent of people participating are women. As we have shown you before, this model fits so well with the networked world in which we now live. Stella & Dot has been one of the leaders in making this transition to the digital world.

“Who doesn’t want personal service from someone they trust? And that something that’s missing from big box retail.”

Their CEO Jessica Herrin gave an interview with Forbes magazine to talk about what that their vision is for success in the digital world for women. She sees the home-based business as a way to empower women economically and in other ways that have to do with personal success and growing as people. Watch to see what she says about how you can take advantage of changes in the retail environment for success.

See the video here