Talk Fusion Takes It a Step Further With “Talk Fusion University”

Network marketing company Talk Fusion launched a new online training program, “Talk Fusion University,” before a large international audience on a live broadcast at 11 a.m. Eastern today.

The University is a private virtual hub through which Talk Fusion Associates can receive expert training from Bob Reina, the company’s Founder & CEO, who has over 25 years’ experience in the network marketing industry. A former police officer for Hillsborough County, Florida, Reina was introduced to network marketing—also referred to as “direct selling” or “multi-level marketing”—in the 1990’s and, with no sales experience, strategically developed a duplicable four-step system that made him a top earner.


“In this business, your success is dependent upon not only your efforts, but the efforts of others,” Reina explained. “It’s a team sport. You’re dealing with people from all sorts of backgrounds: different educational levels, different personality types, a wide range of sales experience, and so on. To generate real income, you can’t just focus on what works for you as an individual, but what the entire team can duplicate.”

“The system I developed years ago,” he continued, “and am now passing on through clear and concise videos at Talk Fusion University, appeals to anyone, anywhere.”

Talk Fusion Releases Exclusive Training Program, “Talk Fusion University”

As a popular contributor for HuffPost and MarTech Advisor, Bob Reina has a large global following that reveres his keen work ethic, winning mindset, marketing expertise, and more. He also regularly delivers high-energy motivational messages on Facebook LIVE and on corporate broadcasts co-hosted with Talk Fusion VP of Training & Development, Allison Roberts, on their Live Meetings platform.

The University takes his training to a different level. It currently hosts over 30 videos in which Bob explains step-by-step how to expose Talk Fusion’s award-winning products and business opportunity to others, in addition to a wealth of written resources pulled from the company’s blog and Bob’s ever-growing journalism portfolio.

“This industry is filled with self-proclaimed ‘networking experts’ who charge people hundreds or even thousands of dollars for sales training, self-development programs, and the like,” Reina said. “Performance and price are the two key factors that set Talk Fusion University apart from all the rest. For one, my expertise and industry knowhow are proven—I’ve brought myself to the top and I’ve coached many others to help them get there as well. I also chose to make the University exclusively available to Talk Fusion Associates, absolutely free of charge.”

“My reasoning for that was simple: it’s my core mission to help people around the world go from being ‘average’ to becoming ‘extraordinary.’ Now, I can’t make any success guarantees—since it depends on your commitment level and ability to follow and teach the system—but I firmly believe that everyone deserves a chance to learn how to earn extra income and build a better life, and that’s exactly what we’ve set out to achieve at Talk Fusion University.”

Talk Fusion University was launched today in English and Bahasa, and will soon be translated in Chinese, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Japanese, and Russian. The site is not open to the public, as a Talk Fusion Associate ID is required for entry.


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