The Accidental Business Owner: Juli Braswell’s LIMU Success Story

Fed up and Flailing

Juli Braswell was working full-time as an Occupational Therapist and loving her job. She also co-owned a Gymboree Play & Music franchise, which came with headaches and time demands she hadn’t anticipated, and was seriously hurting her quality of life. There was payroll to deal with, employees not showing up sometimes, and other logistics that were difficult to manage.

“I was getting calls on weekends, in the evenings. If someone didn’t show up I’d have to go and fill in for them,” she explains.


On top of it all, her family’s financial situation was actually worse for the wear. She describes struggling, especially around the holidays, and being unsure how to tell her kids that they might not be able to participate in the activities they loved because money was too tight. The mother of 4 was burnt out, tapped out and in need of a change.

Early Resistance

 The only thing she didn’t want was to take on another business of her own.

“I’m not a business person,” she says. “I decided I would never have another business; that was a life lesson for me.”

So, when her twin sister introduced her to LIMU, Juli wanted nothing to do with it.

“I was basically like, ‘I don’t want to hear about it. I have 4 kids, 2 jobs; I don’t have any time for this,’” Juli recalls.  

Soon, though, she started hearing about the health benefits her sister and mother were seeing from drinking the LIMU products. After learning about the research behind LIMU’s powerful ingredients, Juli was excited to give the beverages a try for herself and her kids. She bought the Fast Track Pack so that they could get a sampling of every drink in the LIMU line.

Surprise Success

The rest happened organically. “I started feeling better and my kids started feeling better,” Juli says. “So I started telling people about it.”

Two weeks after receiving that introductory pack, Juli saw her first check from LIMU in the mail, with more soon to follow. She remembers being wary and asking a friend and fellow Promoter whether it was a scam. Her friend assured Juli that she was just reaping the benefits of sharing her story and the LIMU products, and inspiring people to sign up with LIMU as well.

“Those checks kept coming in and in about 29 days I made basically what I paid for my pack, so in a month I was basically in this business that I’d accidentally started,” she explains.


The extra cash flow was more than just nice, it was a big help for her family. Juli soon learned about the larger, long-term potential of LIMU when her upline friend reached the BMW-qualifying 20K rank. Three months into the journey, Juli reached that milestone herself.

Continued Growth and a Better Life

Juli has been loving the LIMU lifestyle and all it allows her to do. She loves how well and easily it fits into her life, how she can bring her kids to LIMU parties and meetups with her. It’s a stark difference from the franchise business that always took her away from her family.

And Juli still works full time, 40 hours a week as an Occupational Therapist. She weaves LIMU into her daily life part time to make a full side income. “It’s my side gig that can be as lucrative as a full time gig. You get to choose,” she said.

She loves that trips to Disneyland and making sure her kids can participate in the sports and music activities they love are no longer longshots, but doable things now. Juli’s also grown and learned a lot along the way, and has watched the LIMU Process improve as well.

“When I started I didn’t know the vision,” she says of learning the ropes of Network Marketing and how to help others understand the benefits and the lifestyle, versus just telling them about the products.


Another of Juli’s struggles was the fact that some people were not really serious about LIMU, which ended up wasting her valuable time. Now, she relies on the LIMU Share app to streamline everything and make it obvious who’s engaging and who isn’t based on who’s watching the videos she sends them. She’s no longer chasing people who aren’t interested, and can focus her energy on those who really want to grow and will help her grow, too.

Through ups and downs, one thing she swears by is consistency. That’s what she credits for her success, and that’s what she wants others who are looking at Network Marketing opportunities to really understand as the key piece to building a thriving business in this unique field.

“You have to be consistent,” she says simply. “People can’t expect to get the same results if they’re not consistent. This is fun but it’s real work, too.”

You can get in touch with Juli at her LIMU website.