World Renowned Doctors Bolster MONAT’s Science Team

MONAT Global is recruiting some of the world’s top medical talent to assure the high quality and innovation of their products. MONAT recently has appointed two leading medical specialists to its Scientific Advisory Board. Renowned dermatologist Dr. Antonella Tosti and acclaimed eye surgeon Dr. Kevin Smith have taken positions on the board effective immediately.

“I don’t believe shampoos can generally cause hair loss.”Dr. Antonella Tosti, MD, world-recognized hair expert

Antonella Tosti, MD, Dermatologist and worldwide recognized expert in hair disorders

Dr. Antonella Tosti, MD, is a world-recognized expert in hair and nail disorders and contact dermatitis. With over 20 years of experience, she is affiliated with the University of Miami Hospital and has authored over 600 scientific publications, including 39 focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of alopecia areata (hair loss). About Monat, Dr. Tosti has said “I don’t believe shampoos can generally cause hair loss and it’s also very important for patient understanding to hair loss occurs about 3 months after the triggered event. Stress is probably the most important. Nutritional deficiencies, iron deficiencies, medications including vitamins, systemic disorders. So when you see a patient with hair loss you really have to look at the patient’s life and diseases.”

Kevin D. Smith, MD, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Canada) in Opthalmology

Dr. Kevin Smith, MD, is a specialist in cataract and oculoplastics surgery. Dr. Smith studied at the University of Western Ontario and McGill University and is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa teaching cataract and eyelid surgery. Additionally, Dr. Smith is a medical director at the Focus Eye Centre and is the team ophthalmologist for the Ottawa Senators hockey team.

“Dr. Tosti and Dr. Smith are highly-recognized, leading experts in their fields,” said Stuart A. MacMillian, President of MONAT Global. “MONAT has grown tremendously since our 2014 debut. As we innovate and expand, we will rely on our Scientific Advisory Board to help ensure the continued efficacy and quality of our products.”