We see it all the time with our Success Stories. People begin to really achieve success when they establish goals and began to take the action to achieve them.  And that means putting off the time-wasting procrastination that put you in the rut in the first place. The CEO Home Based Business Talk FusionBob Reina has written an oped for The Huffington Post called Procrastination: The Antagonist in Your Success Story.

Think about how your life would be

different if you hadn’t put it off.

He says: “Whether you find yourself putting off objectives occasionally or habitually, take a moment to envision how different your life would be if you hadn’t. Would you get that promotion you were banking on? Would you have done better in school? Would you have crossed off more items on your bucket list?”

It’s never too late to change your life.  We see it here all the time.  It starts with decision and small steps. One of the reason we love home-based businesses is because they are great training grounds to people to develop these crucial life skills.  See our post called: Home Based Businesses:  Personal Development With a Compensation Plan

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